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Moving Heaven by A.L Fontenot Book Review

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Moving Heaven
by A.L Fontenot
Genre: NewAdult, Paranormal Romance
Publication: October 1st, 2013
Source: Story Cartel

When twenty-eight year old Genevieve DuSoir meets Kalem, her terminal patient, she couldn't predict that she would fall for him. It was  against every rule she had ever been taught to fall in love with a patient, much less a patient that was dying. However, love holds no bounds when two people are predestined to meet. 

In the blink of an eye, the lines between life and death begin to blur. Unaware of her new gift of light that she mysteriously inherits, people begin to miraculously heal around her. However, bearing the gift of light does not go unnoticed. A dark order of soul-eaters called Seekers, whose mission is to consume souls to achieve world domination, has been after Genevieve since the day she was born.

Follow Genevieve on her journey to fulfill an ancient prophecy of lightness, while entangled in a sudden and intense romance with one man she was forbidden to fall in love with.

My Impression

As the story unfolds in the latter parts, all I could think of was Rapunzel's great, great, great grandchildren are making nasty scenes in this story. 

I found Moving Heaven very intriguing, I got hooked the moment I read it. I loved how Gen and Kalem met and get to know each other. It was the most romantic part in this story. I relate to their situation, not because it happened to me but because I do know it happens in real life. 

I hated Gen in some parts of the story, because of how she treated her dog. I was like... "You call yourself his mom?!". I'm a full pledge dog lover, and she really ticks me off! But... I did cried with her too. (Dog related, of course.)

I liked how the story started, no, I loved it! I loved Gen dropping bombs on her ego-maniac boyfriend. I love her funny side too. Although I really can't believe she would forget her dog most of the time just because she's in love. (Okay, I need to move on... I know.)  

I sympathized with Kalem's background too. You have every material things anyone could ask for, but that's all he has. He is empty and lonely. I can imagine what it is for him to realize that  after all those years being young and healthy, you meet "the one" when you are about to die. That really SUCKS!

But when it got to the middle part, I felt that the story was somehow done hastily, especially the training part. I can't feel the new character connections. The story somehow became shallow for me. Plus, Gen and Kalem seems to believe everything they were told instantly, without having any doubts at all. I was like.. "How old were they again?". It became too unrealistic for me, that Gen and Kalem would be too gullible and the story became too predictable.

Rating:  3 Stars 
Plot: Started out good.
Page Turner: First few chapters
Continued?: No.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend:  10 yrs older than me is a no-no.
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