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Juniper's Princess Chelsea O'Neal Book Review

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Juniper's Princess
by Chelsea O'Neal
ISBN: 1909220493 (ISBN13: 9781909220492)
Paperback: 246 Pages
Genre: New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Mystery
Publication: August 24th, 2013
Source: Author

Daniah has a plain simple and happy life. Aside from being an adopted child, she knows that she is different. She mostly dream about people she never met before asking for help and sometimes she dreams about a not so distant future. And meeting Jaiden, triggers her mysterious dreams to increase and her life to drastically change. 

Caught up between the truth about half human, half angel race, Daniah need to trust Jaiden, who actually lied to her. She now needs to face a war that's been raging on between the half-breed angles, fighting an evil who feeds from the human soul. And Jaiden must convince Daniah that she is more than different. She is their savior, their princess and that she needs to help them before they all die.
My Impression
This book had me feel like I'm watching a TV series. The book is in a multiple POV format, and it's one of the things would make you hold on and want to know more about the story.

Although I'm a bit confused about where the setting of the story is, I just took it as... in another world where half angels and humans co-exist together, without the human knowledge about the half-angels, of course. And aside from the most confusing part where Zach explained everything about all kinds of half-breeds angels in one go. The story is very entertaining. 

I like Daniah being a family centered person. Even if she is adopted in a human family. I like how her family shows closeness and love. But I liked Cordelia more... Maybe because she has a very strong personality, and I'm a sucker for women who kick butts and all. And I don't like girls who falls overly in love with someone just because they're like heaven sent hunks.

The story was very well thought of and I love the way the author intertwine each character's story. How they all hold a certain pieces of the story.  I think this multiple POV format did made this book full of suspense and not to mention... sizzling sex. (You've been warned young fellows below 18... not for you!)

Rating:  3 Stars 
Plot: Good pace from scene to scene
Page Turner: On Cordelia's scene
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: Not for me.

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