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Ridley House by Willa Jemhart Book Review

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Ridley House
by Willa Jemhart
Paperback: 149 Pages
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Mystery Thriller,
Publication: February 27th, 2013
Source: Author

Goodreads Synopsis:
For as long as she can remember, nineteen-year-old Kay has been unable to stay in one place for long. With no recollection of who she is or where she came from, plagued by nightmares she doesn't remember upon waking, and the torturous feeling that her one true love was lost to her, she is searching for or fleeing from something.

When she accepts a summer job at the Ridley House Inn, it feels like a nice change of pace. The country setting and old-fashioned feel are comfortable, homey, and even familiar.

Shortly after her arrival, she finds a wall filled with Ridley family portraits, where one picture in particular grabs her attention - a late 1930s photograph of a young woman with a face identical to her own.

Between the warning of a scary old man telling her she should not have returned, and the magnetic pull towards a familiar and handsome young man, Kay is determined to find some answers. Is Ridley House the place she has been searching for, is it the place she has been running from, or is all of the familiarity simply contrived by her desperation to finally belong somewhere?

My Impression
Ridley House is a story about a girl named Kay, who mysteriously have no recollection of her past and had an 'On the Run' habit and never stayed in one place. Until she got accepted on a summer job at Ridley House. The place instantly feels like home to her and after seeing a painting of a girl who looks exactly like her, she knew, that even if the scary old gardener told her that she should have not returned, she needs to know the answers that the Ridley House have for her.

First few chapters got me hooked. Mystery behind Kay's past got my attention and was very eager to know what happened and what links to her to the Ridley House. The author did a very good job creating a very enigmatic plot which would make the readers cling on to the book.

I relate much to Kay's attitude, since I am so much like her in a way. She is held back, patient and she controls her emotion well. Other supporting characters were okay too, they are well-developed and the author gave a very great job giving them distinctive personalities.

There were parts where I did predict how the story will unfold, but aside from that I find this book a good read. Though there aren't any heart pumping actions here, the story is a good slow paced one, created in proficiency.  

Rating:  3 Stars 
Plot: Slow Paced.
Page Turner: A bit.
Continued?: No
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: No.

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