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The Immortal Game Book Review

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Book Review: The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley

ISBN: 0986055522 (ISBN13: 9780986055522)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
New Adult, Fantasy/Mythology
Published: October 26th, 2013
Source: Story Cartel

Ruby West tries her best to follow to her deceased father's footsteps.
Her father's legacy was her driving force. She would be a doctor. She would dedicate her life to helping people in war-torn countries. Helping people was what mattered.
But no matter how hard she focuses on her studies, she's been unable to do so the moment she beaten Ash in a chess game. He had been somewhat obsessed for a rematch with her. Aside from the good looks and the alluring blue eyes, there is something very odd about him. 

After few hang outs with him, Ash showed her what she's been missing. To live a fun, free life. One night she found Ash banging on her door covered with blood since then she discovered the truth about him. He is immortal, and much worst he is the son of Zeus.
Ash was one who taught her to live in the moment, not to spend all her life living for some unknown future. And here he was, a god. Immortal.
Knowing the truth lend her to her own destiny, She have to face the other Gods and Goddess, ending up in an adventure to rescue a Goddess and save the earth for an eternity of winter and acquire the rights to be with Ash, forever.

Book Review: The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley

This is a whole new way of viewing your mythology. I never expected something like this. I was expecting more like Percy Jackson, you know the sons and daughter of a myth God, since it's easier to create their personality and there will be no comparison of sorts. 

If you don't have any background about mythology, you wont get lost in the story, it's like your mythology 101.  The author made it sure you understand everything about them.

I love how the author gave life to Ruby. I can relate to her and somehow felt her pain. (I've been a frustrated wannabe of my dad myself.) She look up to him and her respect for him is carried through her wanting to continue his work. I also sympathize with her about being scared of being in a relationship and/or being in love.  Her perception of being left alone on her own was totally understandable. 

Ash character is a bit off for me. I love mythology, and I really can't imagine the God of war being in love. I grew up to believe that all he cares about is war, but then there was always the warrior Princess Xena. Plus the thought of Ash falling in love with Ruby only because she beat her at chess, is a flimsy reason. I was really scratching my head whenever he says "I love you" initially. Their relationship is a bit superficial for me and hastily done. But come to think of it, it's a greek God we are talking about, and they're simply like that.

The story was slow at the first few chapters but it catches up it the end. It was like a reading a YA novel then in a blink of an eye its your good old classic mythology. In a good way of course. I like the way the author maintain the treacherous flaws of the Gods. How they are a mixture bored and all powerful immortals and would do anything in their power to get what they want and defy what they don't want in a manner of making it an entertainment for all.

Rating:3 stars  
Plot: Slow paced
Page Turner: Not on the 1st few chapters
Continued?: Yes
Recommended: Yes. if your into mythology
Book Boyfriend: Not really a fan of Ares

Joannah Miley - About the Author

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Photo Source
  Joannah Miley Official Website
  From Northwest, Washington State
  Writes young adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance
   Writes Young Adult, Fantasy , Romance

Joannah lives with her husband, two awesome teenagers, and a black dogs that sheds relentlessly on her white furniture. - Joannah Miley Official Website
Book Review: The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley


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Opal Book Review

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ISBN: 1620610094 (ISBN13: 9781620610091)
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: December 11th, 2012

As Kathy and Daemon deal with Dawson's disturbing behavior, they still try their best to become a normal couple. Having to depend on each other's decisions, they work out every situation as partners. 
"What kind of punishment would that be?"
He chuckled. "Probably the sort of punishment you'd enjoy."
Warmth infused my cheeks and veins.
Daemon being the over-protective brother, usually runs to chase after Dawson and make sure he doesn't get to trouble or get himself caught again. Kathy promised to help Dawson bring back Bethany, but under the condition that he'll have to wait as they organize a plan to do so.

Much to their dismay, Blake comes back with an offer that they're most likely find hard to turn down. Problem is, they have to decide to whether to trust him again or not. They will soon realize that a secret organization is experimenting on the hybrids and torturing them. With the help of dubious source, they will have to risk everything again.

“I love you, Katy. Always have. Always will.”
You'll never know how those simple, cheesy sentence could affect you so much. This is such an "Oh, no!!!" moment for me. This is so far my favorite book in the series. Daemon and Kathy tried to live their lives the best way they can. They rely on each other's opinion and sort them out. Yep. Kathy had to learn the hard way. Their relationship is great. The author had made it so that it took time to develop so it doesn't seem rushed. Of course there's still their cat/dog bickering, which I find cute and funny.
“A slow, wry smile teased Daemon’s lips. "Simmer down, Kitten, before I have to get you a ball of yarn to play with."
Annoyance flared deep inside me. "Don’t start with me, jerk-face.”
Kathy is less stubborn and could totally kick-ass. I felt bad for her about her relationship with Dee, but I know they will fix everything again. Daemon on the other hand is still ridiculously charming, as always. He showed how much his family means to him. He is such a good actor being a jerk and an ego maniac when he really is... as Dee said "a thankless hero".

The plot was such a thrilling ride as they come closer to their enemy, introducing some more key characters which will leave you wondering "who among them would betray or help them".

And the ending... I was like  then  "GO DIE BLAKE!!!" then  and .
Yep. An absolute crashing ending.

Rating:5 stars and counting... 
Plot: Jaw Dropping.
Page Turner: Yes.
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: Head Over Heels!

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Onyx Book Review

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ISBN: 1620610116 (ISBN13: 9781620610114)
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: August 14th, 2012

Kathy gets too confused about her feelings for Daemon and tries to hold them back leaving her  in denial. She's too presuming that he is only doing all the sweet deeds because of their "alien mojo" connection.
"I wanted what my parents had. Undying love. Powerful. True. A whacked-out alien bond couldn't do that for me."
The problem is the more she denies it, the more she falls... hard.
“His brows were lowered in concentration. Thick, sooty lashes hid his eyes.
They lifted and his lips spread into a grin.
I was in so much trouble.” 
Then the new student appear, Blake Saunders, who seems to take interest in her. While Kathy is sure that there was actually no competition between him and Daemon, she gives Blake a chance to get to know her, for normality sakes. But so much for normal, she realize that Blake has a secret of his own, and guess what? He has something to do with a Luxen too.

While there's so much happenings going on they blindly become aware that the real threat was at their feet, much more dangerous that the Arum. The DOD - Department of Defense. And now Kathy is unexplainably and uncontrollably having alien powers, DOD should never know that Daemon is now linked to her, or they'll end up like Dawson (Daemon's brother) and Bethany(Dawson's Girlfriend). Dead.

“If there is anything, there is us. You and me. No one else.” 
Next installment of the Lux Series, Onyx, will surely take you on a roller coaster ride. There had been so much of the jaw dropping events, so many twist and turn. Kathy and Daemon's chemistry is still undeniably sizzling. If Obsidian made women fall and drool, well then it's wash and repeat like ten times more with this one.

Kathy did irritate me more than once, but I love how she is not a perfect heroine. She makes idiotic decisions, hated her for being freaking stubborn, but it made her character grow. I find myself smiling about the fact that she is such a book nerd, which obviously I can relate. She is still full of confidence and I super love how she can still snap back during Daemon's arrogant moments.
“Just because I’m human doesn’t mean I’m weak.” 
And Daemon, Oh, Daemon. He is so funny in this series. It's really nice to know Daemon's soft sweet side. Told you there's really something about those bad ass dude who can fall deep and he is so cute when he is jealous!  He had me laughing so hard as he pretend to not to remember Blake's (new guy) name and keeps on changing it just to annoy him. It was hilarious.
Oh, geez. I twisted toward Blake. “This is Daemon Black.”
His smile faltered. “Yeah, I know who he is, too.”
Laughing under his breath, Daemon straightened. At his full height, he was a good head taller than Blake. “It’s always nice to meet another fan.”
Yeah, Blake had no idea what to say to that.” 
"Jesus." Blake rubbed his throat. "You have anger management problems. Its like a disease." "There's a cure and it's called kicking your ass." 

Rating:  4 stars
Plot: Growing in me
Page Turner: First few chapter's a bit slow,
 but it gets better.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: Decided to signup to Daemon's fans club.


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Obsidianby by Jennifer L Armentrout | Book Review

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ISBN: 1620610078 (ISBN13: 9781620610077)
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: May 8th, 2012

After her father's death Kathy Swartz and her mom decided to move out and start anew. As her mom convince her to go out of her shell and "make an effort" to make friends with their new neighbors. Little did she knows that this will change her life forever.
Meeting Daemon Black makes her regret taking such effort. He is a perfect description of the term, "All kinds of arrogant and all kinds of hot".
"For a moment, all I could do was stare at him. He was probably the hottest guy I'd ever seen in real life, and he was a total douche. Go Figure. "You know, all I wanted was directions. This is obviously a bad time." One side of his lips curled up. "Anytime is a bad time for you come knocking on my door, kid."
"Kid?" I repeated, eyes widening.
A dark, mocking eyebrow arched again. I was starting to hate that brow.
"I'm not a kid. I'm seventeen." 
"is that so? He blinked. "You look like you're twelve. No. Maybe thirteen, but my sister has this doll that kinda reminds me of you. All big eyed and vacant."
If that doesn't mess up things between them already. Daemon being the over-protective brother with his twin sister, Dee who became her instant BFF added more fuel to their cat-dog fight. Something with the "I don't like you being friends with my sister" and "Kicking puppies".
"Daemon was hot, but he was a jerk. A bully. And I'd meant what I said to Dee. He wasn't going to scare me off from being friends with his sister. He'd just have to deal with it. I was here to stay."
Series of accidents and sometimes unexplained incidents happened to Kathy and as she got much closer to Dee, she met other family members, whom like Daemon, treated her like she is some kind of terrorist or something. Kathy knew and didn't really took long to notice that something is different about them, something not normal.

Add it up with some perplexing mix of emotions Daemon throws at her.

"Come on. Please don't tell you don't think you're pretty." he considered my silence. "no guys has ever said you're pretty?" "Or...maybe you're not aware of it?"
"You know what I've always believed?" he said softly. "I've always found that the most beautiful people, truly beautiful inside out, are the ones who are quietly unaware of their effect."His eyes searched mine intently, and for a moment we stood there toe to toe.
Then cold...
Daemon lost his smile and stare. "I'm never happy around you."
Confusion flashed in his eyes as he leaned forward, his lips parting slightly. "I think I understand now." "Understand what?" I whispered. "I like to watch you blush." His voice barely above murmur as his thumb traced circles on my cheek. 
Then cold again.
"Actually I was being serious." He leaned over the table, staring up at me through thick lashes. "You're not wanted here."
One unexpected night, when Daemon saved her life for the third time made her discover, his true identity. Kathy realizes that normal teenage troubles isn't the main problem here, She'll find herself in a middle of an old age war between Daemon's kind and their worst enemy not to mention the DOD - Department of Defense who seems to offer unknown threat. Anxiety builds up more and more, having to realize that she needs to stick around with Daemon in order to save her life and not risk the safety of Daemon's family.

"Beautiful face, beautiful body, horrible attitude. It was the holy trinity of bad boys." -Kathy
I've been browsing Goodreads for a 4.00 - 5.00 star rating and found this one. The guy staring at you with his electric green eyes on the cover, intrigue me. I mean the model looked hot, right?
Well, me being me don't usually read back cover teaser, I like my book to be thrilling enough to surprise me in every way they can, but I do look at the genre and the "Alien" genre, isn't really my kind of deal. The word alien usually fill my head with the creepy huge head and eyes and insanely thin body. I was turned off at first, but I'm glad that I did give this book a chance.
There was so many speculations about how the plot resembles to Twilight Saga, you know the...
  • New girl in school living with
  • Single parent
  • Ridiculously handsome/beautiful but super isolated/weird family
  • One family member became your bff and
  • The other became your love interest and
  • Not all family members agrees with that and
  • How they sparkle... uhm, actually not really but they do glow like a human size firefly if they wanted to.
I honestly didn't realize their comparison at all, I guess it was because I've read twilight years ago but it was mainly because I was so caught up with Kathy and Daemon's love/hate relationship thrill ride. The book is funny, a bit cheesy (in a good way), sexy. Kathy isn't a pushover, and I love the fact that she isn't the usual damsel in distress, without a doubt a strong heroine. Not the kind that would die in the absence of Daemon.
“My palms itched to have a close encounter of the bitch-slap kind with his face.”  -Kathy
Plus, if you have a thing for bad boys who could sweetly fall head over heels, which I know I do, then you'll agree with me. Daemon is sooooo much awesome and hotter than Edward and Jacob combine. Similarities and all, I don't care... knowing Daemon alone.. is definitely worth it.
If she was mine, I'd cherish every inch of her. And I wanted to. Now”  - Daemon

Rating:  4 stars
Plot: Somewhat familiar
Page Turner: Not much
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: I'm sooo yours Daemon.