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The Immortal Game Book Review

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Book Review: The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley

ISBN: 0986055522 (ISBN13: 9780986055522)
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
New Adult, Fantasy/Mythology
Published: October 26th, 2013
Source: Story Cartel

Ruby West tries her best to follow to her deceased father's footsteps.
Her father's legacy was her driving force. She would be a doctor. She would dedicate her life to helping people in war-torn countries. Helping people was what mattered.
But no matter how hard she focuses on her studies, she's been unable to do so the moment she beaten Ash in a chess game. He had been somewhat obsessed for a rematch with her. Aside from the good looks and the alluring blue eyes, there is something very odd about him. 

After few hang outs with him, Ash showed her what she's been missing. To live a fun, free life. One night she found Ash banging on her door covered with blood since then she discovered the truth about him. He is immortal, and much worst he is the son of Zeus.
Ash was one who taught her to live in the moment, not to spend all her life living for some unknown future. And here he was, a god. Immortal.
Knowing the truth lend her to her own destiny, She have to face the other Gods and Goddess, ending up in an adventure to rescue a Goddess and save the earth for an eternity of winter and acquire the rights to be with Ash, forever.

Book Review: The Immortal Game by Joannah Miley

This is a whole new way of viewing your mythology. I never expected something like this. I was expecting more like Percy Jackson, you know the sons and daughter of a myth God, since it's easier to create their personality and there will be no comparison of sorts. 

If you don't have any background about mythology, you wont get lost in the story, it's like your mythology 101.  The author made it sure you understand everything about them.

I love how the author gave life to Ruby. I can relate to her and somehow felt her pain. (I've been a frustrated wannabe of my dad myself.) She look up to him and her respect for him is carried through her wanting to continue his work. I also sympathize with her about being scared of being in a relationship and/or being in love.  Her perception of being left alone on her own was totally understandable. 

Ash character is a bit off for me. I love mythology, and I really can't imagine the God of war being in love. I grew up to believe that all he cares about is war, but then there was always the warrior Princess Xena. Plus the thought of Ash falling in love with Ruby only because she beat her at chess, is a flimsy reason. I was really scratching my head whenever he says "I love you" initially. Their relationship is a bit superficial for me and hastily done. But come to think of it, it's a greek God we are talking about, and they're simply like that.

The story was slow at the first few chapters but it catches up it the end. It was like a reading a YA novel then in a blink of an eye its your good old classic mythology. In a good way of course. I like the way the author maintain the treacherous flaws of the Gods. How they are a mixture bored and all powerful immortals and would do anything in their power to get what they want and defy what they don't want in a manner of making it an entertainment for all.

Rating:3 stars  
Plot: Slow paced
Page Turner: Not on the 1st few chapters
Continued?: Yes
Recommended: Yes. if your into mythology
Book Boyfriend: Not really a fan of Ares


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