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Djinn Book Review

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ISBN: 1492816930
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Published: December 16th, 2013
Source: Story Cartel

Ever since she was young, Kyra's life hadn't been exactly normal. She and her dad were always on the run from bad people who wanted something from her father. Due to this, her father trained her how to defend herself from their pursuers.
Dad only struck me in places that wouldn't show when I wore clothes, so people wouldn't get suspicious and think he was beating me or anything.
Not long enough, even after a years of preparations, the thing they dreaded about finally came. Kyra was kidnapped and much to her dismay, she least expect her kidnapper, Will, to be so handsome, mysterious and the most annoying truth about him is his kindness.
I  opened my eyes to see the boy staring down at me. His face was like an angel, perfect pale skin and golden eyes.
Kyra found herself brought in a secret location where she learned that everything she believes in turns out to be wrong and was told about who she really is, a magical creature called Djinn.
"I'm a Djinn," I repeated for the sixteenth time, and still didn't believe it.
"I'm a genie who grants wishes and lives in a lamp?" I cocked my head at her, in the hope she'd realize just how insane she sounded.
Finally agreeing to accept the truth about her identity, she have to be accustomed to Djinn's way of life. That is finding her own powers and staying away from the person she loves.

This book is a breath of fresh air for me. I was intrigue by how the author would incorporate the "genie" thing in the story. It was really an interesting concept. I find the plot really good, it was compelling, the kind of book that you don't want to put down even if you're going to the toilet.

And the twist!!! OH-MI-OH-MY!  I never expected it, you can just feel Kyra's confusion and anger. I honestly considered it myself, if it were to happen to me. I empathized with her about not getting want she really wants, cause she understand their situation and doesn't want to demand on her father cause she cared so much about him, and she knows how hard it really is for him too. Kyra is such a kind hearted girl and she valued her family and friends.

I don't really know how I should react on Will's character. He is such a rare personality these days cause I've been reading loads of bad-boys-outside-good-boy-inside lately, and Will is such a gentlemen from the very beginning. I found him a bit dull at first, I mean no challenges at all. I would love to get to know his bad-ass side where he would fight for Krya no matter what roadblock awaits them.

The story all in all is action packed and is really is a page turner. I enjoyed how it is well thought-out. It was like I was watching an action movie inside my head. I also like the supporting characters, especially Pyke, but oh well.... 

Rating: 4 stars
Plot: Action packed, very compelling
Page Turner: Yes.
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: Definitely has the potential.


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