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Amber Rain by Alyssa & Celesta Thiessen Book Review

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Amber Rain
by Alyssa Thiessen & Celesta Thiessen
Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia
Publication: February 3rd, 2014
Source: Story Cartel

Ellie Lauder and her family grew up in an underground shelter. They are the descendants of the survivors of the amber rain, an astronomical tragedy that brought human to the brink of extinction. Although population in the shelter are numbered, Ellie and her three brothers was always bullied by kids of their age.
Her father wasn't exaggerating; she was at the top of her class. Not that it won her any friends. Not that anything would. Why do they hate me so much.
Most of the time her brothers stood out for her, but they were always the odd one out, an outcast. There was one incident that forced her to fight back, and Ellie being sick of always being bullied decided to runaway and eventually discovered a secret entrance that leads to the surface. A place where she thought was gone forever.
The  world wasn't opening up and swallowing her. This was outside. This was above. She looked into the sky again. Sun. Clouds. It was so much bigger in real life, so much brighter - so much more terrifying.

My Impression
At first I thought the story would be like "The City of Ember", but visualizing the technology they have here in Amber Rain, I already guessed not. It would pass for a middle grade genre if it weren't for some violent settings. It was an easy read and I really felt like the book is for ages 14+.

I wasn't really enticed by the book cover, I was actually wondering about the connection between the title Amber Rain to the the Girl looking at the wilderness. As I read the story it does makes sense after all. 

The story was okay for me, it kept me reading till the end of the book without pausing. I guess the mystery behind their existence, their history and the mystery of what's waiting for them outside the shelter made me held on. I was actually also waiting for Ellie to fight back and get even with the other kids. I guess, it touches some nerves. LOLx.

I also liked the minimal twist in the story, about Ellie finding out who she really is and the switch! I really liked that part. I was like... TIME TO KICK SOME BULLIES GUTS! 

Although the ending isn't a cliffhanger type, I find myself looking forward in knowing what's going to happen next, how will they survive, how will everyone get along and how those hanging romance bloom.

Rating:  4 Stars 
Plot: Well paced story.
Page Turner: In most part
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend:  I had a hard time visualizing Lee, River and Will. So, no. 
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