Sunday, February 9, 2014

Book Quotes [01]

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This is my first post for Book Quotes. I was thinking to make this one so that you could share the knowledge, fun or inspiration of each quote. 

This is why I don't like sharing my book, some just don't understand. Books are "SCARED"! I remembered I let my friend borrow a book from me. I made it clear that she must take good care of  it. She did promise, but when the book was returned.... . She actually told me that it was just a tiny fold in the corner page. "A TINY FOLD!!!!" plus the book spine are full of curls. It was my favorite book! From that day on, I never let anyone borrow my books ever again. (Call me selfish and all, I learned my lesson the hard way!) I don't even care whenever she tease me for having a OCD when it comes to books. Like DUH! NEVER will I let you touch my books again!  

I do have hots for bad ass boys... who doesn't? Even there's a wide blinking "DANGER" sign on their forehead. I find them thrilling and challenging. 

I super agree. 

Well, I thought so too. ^_^

As much as I dislike my huge Calculus book, I know deep inside it's the only one who'll redeem me from failing. (✖╭╮✖)

If it'll make you feel better, it's a good way to share your pain with someone you know you can depend on. 


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