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You are Mine Book Review

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You are Mine
by Janeal Falor
ISBN: 0989743209 (ISBN13:9780989743204)
Genre: Fantasy Magic, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal Romance,
Publication: May 6th, 2013
Source: Author

In Serena's world women are precious commodities to be traded, a trophy for display and just for giving birth. Now that she is of age, her father will trade her to warlocks who would buy her for how much magic she has in her blood. 
A warlock could ask to buy me at any time. There's nothing I can do about it. I follow mother from the room, bowing my head with the hope that it will keep further attention from me. But it's too late to hope. I will always be owned.
 No matter how she dislike the idea of being owned she doesn't have the right to say or show it. If she does, it will be an act of disrespect and will be punished cruelly, or much worst she will be tarnished. She'll be an outcast, bald, inked and worthless for the rest of her life.

As she readied herself for her new warlock owner, a very unexpected situation happens. Her ownership was won by a foreign barbarian. Confusion was all that fills her head, when she realize that her new master is not what she imagine to be. 
We pass the Envadi. I clench my shaking hands and risk a peek back. His gaze meets mine, though he's still speaking to a servant. I trip and hurry to right myself, this time sure to watch where I'm going. Though I don't look again, I feel his gaze still on me. What is he planning to do to me?
My Impression
When I was reading this book, I can't help but imagine Khal Drogo and Khaleesi. Actually they are the ones who were reenacting the characters inside my head. 

Yeah, yeah, I know. Serena has dark hair and all, but you can't blame my internal DVD player. They just appeared out of nowhere.

Anyway,  I found this book very unnerving.  I'm an independent woman, grew up being always relied on, expectations from me are high (Which frustrates me most of the time). So I see myself as a very capable human, I value my worth and quite proud of it. Reading how women in this book were degraded, controlled and owned, makes me furious. 

"Very good pedigree," he mumbles."Father most impressive. Mother's Father is Devon Mullshire. His and his Fathers' powers were excellent. Simply excellent."
 What the heck is she? A dog? Geez! How the author emphasized that the women in the book were merely a commodity, really touched some nerves. It was believably great. I'm still on the verge of teleporting there and start a rebellion myself.

 As I read the first few chapters, I found it very disturbing ( as a female who believes in equality ),  compelling in a way that you wanted to find out how Serena, being who she is, will bring change to their current state, how she could tap into her own power proving that women are also an important part of the society and anticipating how Serena and her new owners' relationship will bloom into a beautiful love story.

Rating:  4 Stars 
Plot: Nerve wrecking. Intriguing
Page Turner: Not really
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: If he looks like Khal Drogo. YES!(。♥‿♥。)  

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