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Sin by Sharron Riddle Book Review

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by Sharron Riddle
ISBN: 1620074354 (ISBN13: 9781620074350)
Paperback: 274 Pages
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Publication: January 13th, 2014 by Curiosity Quills Press
Source: Net Galley

To escape from her father's plan of putting Sin in a nut house, her mom sent her to Sin's great aunts in St. Charles, IL. There she realizes that she came from an ancient druid priestesses linage and was sent into a mission of finding the stolen hellhounds and to stop the undead (zombies) from rising back to life. Sin must learn to deal with all the Feys, monsters and other mythical creatures, together with her new friend Fae and two gorgeous hunks, Van, a Fey Prince and Llaw, the half-human and half-fey who are both trying to compete for her affection.

My Impression
I am already a Fan... Yes! Totally a fan of Sin Blackmore. I love her character so much I wanna kiss her and ask for her autograph! I love her strong personality, how she love and values herself as who she is, how she cares for other people, how she delivers her witty side. She totally ROCKS!
She narrowed her eyes. "Nobody likes a smart ass." "Wow, then you must not have many friends."
Grow Babies? Was she serious? I suddenly wanted to try the spell, just to see if it really worked. But then I'd be stuck with a kid. So not worth it.
I've read books that revolves around Fey creatures, but never had I read something like this. The world building is very dynamic. It's like you've stepped out into a new world.

At first I thought the book was about zombie slayers,
She rummaged through the clothes piled at the foot of my bed, and held up an "I'm a Juicy Girl" shirt. "No," I said firmly. "I'm not advertising to the zombies."
 But zombies though they appear mostly here, are all but extras. There so many creatures here, that it felt like the urban fantasy, fantasy and paranormal creatures collided in this book (Sorry, but no vamps here, though). It was so action packed. Not to mention those two hunks that contends for Sin's affection.
This really was my personal hell. The light god and the dark. Both of them seemed hell bent on testing me to the very limits of my self-control. And all they'd done is smile at me.
OMG! Who to choose!? At first I thought I'll go for Team Llaw because I'm all for those bad ass guys that spells trouble on their forehead. But Van did redeem himself almost every time in this book too.
"I do not know this word..idiot."[Van] "Try looking in a mirror."[Sin] "why?"[Van]
But then, with all the glamour Sin, really fight hard not to fall just because those two are heaven sent hunks, she stood her ground and wanted real love.
And I was nobody's plaything.
I love each main characters here, they are very well thought of. They compliment each others character and bring more life to the lead. I love how Sin bonded with Fae. I liked their tandem and did a tear-jerky in one chapter too.

Though the solution to the problem was "THAT SIMPLE?", I really liked how it turned out in the ending. 

Rating:  5 Stars 
Plot: Action packed.
Page Turner: Yes
Continued?: No
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: Definitely!

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