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True Fate Shayna Varadeaux | Book Reviews

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True Fate Cover

Series: True Fate #1
Published: January 6th 2014 by Shayna Varadeaux Books
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, Young AdultFantasy
Format Acquired: ARR/ePub from Author


Epifania De La Garza or Nia as she prefered to be called, knows she isn't normal. Strange things always happened to her and decided to keep it a secret. A secret which she shares only to her best friend Rhea.

On the night of her eighteenth birthday, she unconsciously spoke of a prophecy, luckily though freaked out by it, Rhea witnessed it all. They promised each other to go see her Great Aunt Amarie, but Nia isn't sure if her crazy Aunt could help them uncover all the mystery in Nia's life.

But even before they could get to her Aunt Amarie, Nia already got her fair share of unexpected occurences. She finds herself explicitly drawn to a handsome stranger named Aaron. She dreamed about people who seem to know everything about who she truly is, but wont tell her otherwise.

Now she find herself in the middle of danger, when dreams and reality collide. She brace herself to uncover her True Fate.

My Impression

I never felt so frustrated in my life, while reading a book. And I don't exactly know whether its a good thing or a bad thing. The story started out with Nia and Rhea (who is actually hurt/wounded) somewhere in the woods, hiding from someone. With Nia talking telepathically with Rhea in the fear of being discovered. That did caught my attention and wondered what kind of powers and magical creature, could she possibly be. Then they escaped through a vehicle, sending out thoughts to "others" that they were okay and they need help. Then this Eric guy, suddenly appeared and drive their vehicle and wont answer any of Nia's questions. Once they arrive to their destination, what Nia found in the safe house shocked her enough to loose consciousness. That did a great job on making me held on and read more. 

Second part of the story briefly explained how Nia and Rhea became friends and how they came to share Nia's secret. Ended up with the prophecy Nia spoke off while sleeping which was witnessed once again by Rhea. Once again, caught my so curious mind and made me go on reading.

World building was really awesome, it was very unique. I liked the idea of dream walking, meeting and training in your dream. Which I find really cool. Imagine, cramming for your exam tomorrow inside your dream, you'll still be well rested and ready! I was only confused about the "world" the other characters were talking about, about how they exist inside Nia's mind. I had trouble figuring that out, much less imagine it.

I found Nia too perfect. Beautiful, rich, good daughter, good friend, good sister, have magical powers, fast learner and the only flaws I saw in her was that, she doesn't know what she really is. I didn't like her much. Though, I did like the other characters especially Savannah. I didn't have troubles visualizing all the characters in this book, the author gave them distinctive personality.

There were nothing she hated more than love triangle. 'God I hope that's not what this is...  Note to self, fate is a shady character.' she said smirking.

 I did thought so too. With all the fate thing, I wasn't quite sure where to place Eric. And when the author made it clear as to whom Eric should belong... I was left wondering, "is that it?" just like that... and was only a physical attraction? I was sure Nia was so affected by Eric. Which really confused me a lot. 

I liked the plot, kept me wondering what would unfold next, how Nia could grow as a character, how Aaron could be more like a 'Guardian' and not just the 'fated one', I wanted to know about what they really are. The thing is, almost 80% of the story was just about being fated with someone, and having a tattoo marks in the body. I was trying so hard to understand the importance of it in the whole story. What does it got to do with Nia's true identity? 

I did say I don't like Nia, right? But in fairness to her, I can relate soooo much about how she feels in the story and the frustration that I was talking about earlier is actually all about how the author didn't EVEN GIVE a hint of what Nia is!!! I was 90% of finishing the book and still no clues as to what Nia's place in the prophecy. She's the chosen one... FOR WHAT? and then...

Aunt Amarie waited patiently as Nia dried her tears and took a deep breath. She knew what she was now and she still couldn't believe it.

OH MY GOSH! Good for you Nia! You already know what you are and still, all the readers don't! I don't know how to react really! As I said... FRUSTRATIONS!!! Good or bad you decide.

Rating:  4 Stars 
Plot: Medium paced.
Page Turner: Yes.
Continued?: Yes.
Recommended: Yes.
Book Boyfriend: I did like Aaron, the gentleman that he is.   

About the Author
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Author's Name
Shayna Varadeaux
Shayna Varadeaux born in Texas, USA. Married with three teenagers. An avid reader and book reviewer. She's multi-talented, from playing bass, a back-up singer to a tattoo artist and now an author. Surely is living her dream and loving it!
"I am currently writing True Chaos, Book 2 in the True Fate series! it is a hectic process being a writer, editor and formatter but luckily I have my best friend who is also my supportive husband to cheer me on. I'm definitely enjoying the painful journey of becoming a self-published Author."

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